Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am sorry that I have not taken the time to update you about Tegans scans!! We went a week ago and there is no spot on her lung at all. It is gone!!! Ang and I cried like a baby!!! We stayed in Utah and celebrated with a hotel with a pool and went and saw the divers at the Mayan restaurant. Tegan was so excited about it. We are so grateful for your prayers. The reason I have not written is during this time my sister died. My heart is broken and I have been helping with things that we need to get done for her Husband. She died during the night sometime and it was a shock. Karren had suffered for years with horrible pain from arthritis. The peace we find is knowing that she is out of pain. Its always so hard on the ones left behind. We just want them here with us. As I have said before life happens!!! We have so much to be thankful for. I am here for several weeks now for lots of fun things. Its wonderful to be here with the kids and grand babies. Love all of you and thank you for always lifting me up. Love Jacque

Monday, March 21, 2011

I wanted to take the time to update the blog. Tegan 4 weeks ago had her scans and they found a small white spot on her left side. The Doctors felt strongly that they should wait for six weeks before they did a biopsy to see if it was still there. They felt it could be a lot of different reasons that it might be there. Angela ask the question that if it is cancer will it spread in that time and they said they are not worried about that. So we have waited and prayed. I did not want to alarm anyone but I really started thinking of all the prayers that were said in her behave and decided that we sure needed them again. She goes in on the 5Th of April for her new scans and we are praying it will be gone. The reason they also wait is that it is major surgery for a 4 year old because they have to put them under to do it. Any way its been along month!! She looks great and acts great. I have another favor if any of you live by a Perkins restaurant today they are doing a fund raiser where they are taking donations for the Give Kids the World foundation. This is where we stayed when Make a wish sent Tegan to Disney World. There are Kids from all over the world and Perkins furnish the food for the families while they are there for no charge. It is such a blessing to see these kids who have been threw so much and have this opportunity to just have fun. Today March 21st all day they will be taking donations for this. Thanks for your love and prayers. We are keeping good thoughts!!!! Love you Jacque

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I don't even know if anyone is still checking this blog. I have been so bad about writing. I truly felt I needed to send out a new blog after this Christmas to share how amazing this year has been!!! A picture speaks for itself. Amazing huh!!!! Look at that cute face. I am sure that all of you remember that she was in a coma last year from her radiation burn. Needless to say we were so sad, scared, and hopeful!!!! Well that was 2009 and now look at her now!!! We are humble, grateful and continue to be prayerful!!!! Every 3 months when she goes in for her scans we hold our breath!! In Feb. it will be one year since her last chemo!! Cole is 9 months old. As you can see by his pictures he is such a cutie. Kennedy and Tegan brought in 2011 with a tea party. I think of all of you daily and am brought to tears often as I look back on those dark days and know with out a doubt that you all got us through this. We are so thankful for you and for all of our blessings. I have yet to finish her scrapebooks. While we were going through it all,I could do it but now its so hard to look at those pictures and see her so sick. I know I will be able to revisit it again someday, but right now I just want to look ahead at all her progress. I want you to know that I am grateful for everyday!!! I don't take any of those days for granted. Rog had all of us girls go get our toes done on Christmas Eve. He wanted Tegan to have hers done too. She was so excited. Life is an adventure!!! Love you Jacque

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I wanted to share some news about our little Tegan . She had her scans and everything came out clean!! Also she met with her heart Doctor and they did all those tests and he want s to take her off her heart medicine as her heart is functioning perfect. He does not know if that is because the meds are working or that her heart healed from the trauma of the chemo. So she is off the meds and they will check again at the next scans the end of November. It has been 6 months since she finished her last chemo!! Wow what an amazing blessing!! We are trying our hardest to not panic each time she has her scans because this will be 5 years of scans but it is so scary!! Angela said she did not even cry when they placed the IV in her hand!! She is an amazing little girl. I asked Eric to post a picture of her and Cole so you could see how her hair has grown. She looks great. Whits and Treys wedding was so wonderful. It was so great to have all the kids and there families with us. We had so many friends and family travel so far to come and be apart of this special day. All the kids had a blast dancing at the wedding and Tegan kept up with everyone!! When Tegan and Kennedy came out to be the flower girls Tegan is so shy she had a hold of her skirt and was walking very slow and Kennedy just kept saying to her Tegan you can do it!!! They were so cute and Jax and Tavin did a great job with the rings. It is an understatement to say I feel blessed. I think of all of you daily and it just makes me smile! My thoughts love and prayers are with you. I have not finished Tegans scrapbook I did for her while we were in Salt Lake. Its hard to go back there. I wanted to do this for her so when she is older she will know just how brave she was threw all of this. I know that I will get it done but for some reason right now when I see those pictures it just brings on all the fear and sadness I felt while she was going threw all of it!! I am reminded daily of how no matter what is in head of all of us it is just such a blessing to know you never go threw anything alone. I am eternally grateful to all of you for lifting us up daily by your example of unconditional love and friendship. Love to all of you Jacque

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I am in Idaho. I came to help with my nieces wedding and be here for Coles blessing. Both events were wonderful!!! Roger met me here and we have been up to the cabin with the kids for a week. What a great time. Rog left this morning to go back to Maryland and I will be going home on Tuesday. All of the Idaho kids will be in Maryland in a week for Whit and Treys wedding so the party just continues!!! I just wanted to tell you how Tegan is doing. She is amazing!!! She is having psychical therapy on her left hand and arm and she is such a trooper. It hurts alot but she goes in and takes whatever she has to do. The other day I said to her something about her being sick and she was so shocked and said I was sick!!! She will go for her 3 month scans the end of August when she gets back for D.C. I know that we will make ourselves crazy before they are over. We know that we have been blessed but it is still so scary. She is a funny three year old that lives for princess dresses and dolls and Tinker bell is her favorite for the weeks. She dressed Roger up as the witch and he played right along with her. We feel grateful for everyday with her and all of our grandchildren and our children. Life has never been so precious for all of us since we went threw this with this brave little girl. I am reminded daily how life can change in a moment. I am continually lifted up still by all of you and your love for us. Love you all and think and pray for you daily. Jacque

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am writing this morning because I miss writing to all of you. Someone told me I should get my own blog or facebook but I had to have the kids set this blog up. I am not computer savvy at all. Tegan is amazing. She was so thrilled to dress up for her favorite person Kennedy's Birthday Party. I t was a princess party and she was thrilled. Kennedy is so excited to be three. Tegan is trying to be potty trained but is not excited about it and told me that her mom and dad are mean!!! I love that she is getting a little sassy! Her next scans will be the end of August. Everyone will be here on the 3rd of August for Trey and Whitney's wedding. I t was scheduled for August of last year but we were in Utah with Tegan so they postponed it for a year. I know you can imagine the joy we all feel to be able to all be together for this wedding!!! The wedding is the 14Th of August in North Carolina. We are blessed! I still feel all of you with us and never forget for a moment all that you have done for our family. I greet everyday with amazing gratitude. I pray for you and your families. All of our children and grand babies are happy and healthy. When we were in Utah Angela and I decided that we would make everyday a great day for Tegan and find all the good in the day and not the bad!! I think that is the best way for all of us to get up in the morning because I have found no matter what there is always more good things in a day than bad!! I think of you daily and sure do love and miss all of you Jacque

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last night I talked to Angela and it was Tegans last soccer game and she made a goal!!! Angela said mom coach Shelby and the other team coach helped her out!!! It was a team effort!! It brought to my mind that those words really sum up this last year for us!! A true team effort from all of you for Tegans recovery. So team quess what? Tegan had her 3 month check up and scans and they are clean!!! So another touch down for us!!! She is a tired little girl who had to go threw alot today but we sure do feel so blessed. We all know how fragile life is and how in a moment our lifes can be changed forever. Last week two of my dearests friends husbands died a day apart from eachother. Both suddenly and unexpected. I have been heart broken for Carol and for Susan. Jim and Shirrel were both amazing men who impacted others lifes in ways you cannot even imagine. I hope all of you will keep there families in your prayers as you have for our little Tegan! She sure does love her Cole!! So thankful for all of you LOve Jacque