Thursday, September 2, 2010

I wanted to share some news about our little Tegan . She had her scans and everything came out clean!! Also she met with her heart Doctor and they did all those tests and he want s to take her off her heart medicine as her heart is functioning perfect. He does not know if that is because the meds are working or that her heart healed from the trauma of the chemo. So she is off the meds and they will check again at the next scans the end of November. It has been 6 months since she finished her last chemo!! Wow what an amazing blessing!! We are trying our hardest to not panic each time she has her scans because this will be 5 years of scans but it is so scary!! Angela said she did not even cry when they placed the IV in her hand!! She is an amazing little girl. I asked Eric to post a picture of her and Cole so you could see how her hair has grown. She looks great. Whits and Treys wedding was so wonderful. It was so great to have all the kids and there families with us. We had so many friends and family travel so far to come and be apart of this special day. All the kids had a blast dancing at the wedding and Tegan kept up with everyone!! When Tegan and Kennedy came out to be the flower girls Tegan is so shy she had a hold of her skirt and was walking very slow and Kennedy just kept saying to her Tegan you can do it!!! They were so cute and Jax and Tavin did a great job with the rings. It is an understatement to say I feel blessed. I think of all of you daily and it just makes me smile! My thoughts love and prayers are with you. I have not finished Tegans scrapbook I did for her while we were in Salt Lake. Its hard to go back there. I wanted to do this for her so when she is older she will know just how brave she was threw all of this. I know that I will get it done but for some reason right now when I see those pictures it just brings on all the fear and sadness I felt while she was going threw all of it!! I am reminded daily of how no matter what is in head of all of us it is just such a blessing to know you never go threw anything alone. I am eternally grateful to all of you for lifting us up daily by your example of unconditional love and friendship. Love to all of you Jacque


  1. This is just the BEST, BEST news!!!! Thanks for being my BFF, Jacque, and sharing your awesome family with me!! Love you!

  2. WONDERFUL NEWS! I have been thinking it was time for the scans and tests again. So pleased to know that she is doing well. The miracle continues! It is fun to hear about the wedding. Hope to see pictures of the gang soon. Love you!